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Located in Canada’s national capital, the University of Ottawa Press | Les Presses de l’Université d’Ottawa (UOP) is the publishing arm of one of Canada’s leading universities and one of the world’s top bilingual universities. Founded in 1936 as Les Éditions de l’Université d’Ottawa, UOP began publishing in English during the 1940s and today publishes a dozen books in French and another dozen in English each year.

North America’s oldest French-language and only fully bilingual university press developed a publishing program in the social sciences and humanities that promotes critical and ethical thinking, first-class research, intellectual integrity, social responsibility, and innovation. UOP fully supports the open access movement and is committed to the open dissemination of scholarship and research insofar as it is financially viable. Titles are published in print and ebook formats.

UOP’s mission is 1) To enrich intellectual and cultural life through the publication and dissemination of scholarly works; 2) To extend the reach and influence of the University of Ottawa and associate its name with excellence in research and knowledge creation. In order to fulfill its mission, UOP looks to its rich academic heritage to publish compelling books that engage with today’s issues and are forward-looking. UOP series are structured along three axes:

  1. Francophonie & Canadian Studies: Amérique française, Archives des lettres canadiennes; Canadian Literature Collection; Canadian Studies; Mercury Series; Reappraisals: Canadian Writers; Perspectives on Translation; and Literary Translation;
  2. Politics, Public Policy and Globalization: International Development and Globalization; Law, Technology and Media; and Politics and Public Policy; and
  3. Contemporary Society: Visual Arts; Education; Contemporary Issues; Criminology; Philosophica; Religion and Society; Health and Society; and Cultural Transfers.

A fourth axis, Praxis, is perpendicular to these and comprises textbooks and other pedagogical materials.

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Mission Statement

Our vision

Inspired by a rich academic heritage, the University of Ottawa Press (UOP) aspires to be known for its insightful commentaries on society and culture, passion for the dissemination of knowledge and scholarship, intellectual rigour, and excellence in all aspects of publishing.

Our values

UOP is the publishing house of the University of Ottawa. Founded in 1936, it is Canada's oldest French-language university press and the only fully bilingual university press in North America. As such UOP publishes in both official languages and is committed to bilingualism and multiculturalism. As a university press, our publishing program reflects and promotes critical thinking, first-class research, intellectual integrity, ethical judgment, social responsibility, and innovation.

Our mission

To enrich intellectual and cultural life through the publication and dissemination of scholarly works.

To extend the reach and influence of the University of Ottawa and to associate its name with excellence in research and knowledge creation.

Our publications

UOP publishes books and journals, in French and English, and in any and all editions and formats, that touch upon the human condition: anthropology, sociology, political science, psychology, criminology, media studies, economics, education, language and culture, law, history, literature, translation studies, philosophy, public administration, health sciences, and religious studies.


In 1930, professors from the faculty of philosophy and theology – among them Fathers Gilles Marchand, rector of the University, Rodrigue Villeneuve (future archbishop of Quebec), Georges Simard, Raoul LeBlanc, all Oblates of Mary Immaculate – conceived the idea to publish a periodical “to favour the development of higher culture.” The first edition appeared in January 1931 under the title La revue de l’Université d’Ottawa. As the need was being felt to add to the Revue an organism that would help the professors of the University to publish their research, it was decided in the fall of 1936 to create Les Éditions de l’Université d’Ottawa. The first volume appeared in 1937: Pierre Le Moyne, Sieur d’Iberville by Father Louis LeJeune was a posthumous volume.

From 1937 to 1946, Les Éditions published 51 books, of which 23 were part of the collection entitled Publication sériées de l’Université d’Ottawa; the others, less technical in nature, were outside collection. In the spring of 1946, Father Léopold Lanctôt was named director of Les Éditions and secretary of the Revue. The first English title, Ottawa, Old and New by Lucien Brault, a history professor, was published in 1946. From 1946 to 1965 Les Éditions published 112 books: fifty-seven in the Publications series collection, six in three new collections: Cahiers des sciences socials, Cahiers canadiens Claudel and Visage des lettres canadiennes, as well as forty-nine outside collection.

Father Lanctôt would remain director of Les Éditions until his retirement in 1983. During the latter part of his tenure, Les Éditions developed many new collections, two of which are still active today. These are the Reappraisals series, which first appeared in 1973, and the Philosophica collection whose first volume was published in 1969. While other collections, e.g. Medieval Studies, would in time close, many of the academic areas covered would remain in focus and would be taken up again in the decades that followed under new collections. This is true of education and translation studies, both of which have become central components of the publishing program.

In 1986, Les Éditions de l’Université d’Ottawa became the University of Ottawa Press (Les Presses de l’Université d’Ottawa). In 1991 Les Presses began a project of co-management with Groupe Morin. This collaboration ended in July 2001, when the University of Ottawa negotiated a new partnership with the University of Toronto Press. This second partnership came to an end in August 2006. The management of the Press is now assured by two committees put in place by the University of Ottawa, the Management Committee, which oversees financial aspects of the operation, and the Editorial Board, which evaluates the content of proposed manuscripts. The University of Ottawa Press today publishes manuscripts in fifteen different collections. Among the collections of the Press are Perspectives on Translation, Amérique française, Canadian Studies, and Studies in International Development and Globalization.


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We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Book Fund for our publishing activities.

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We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts which last year invested $154 million to bring the arts to Canadians throught the country.

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