Exam Copy Request Form

Desk Copy Policy
A desk copy is a free copy of a book that the professor has already assigned for the course and that students will be buying.
All requests for desk copies must be submitted by the professor’s academic department administrator, the university bookstore, university library, or the university’s financial department.
We are happy to provide an eBook, instead of a print book, should the professor prefer an electronic format.

Examination Copy Policy
An examination copy is a copy of a book that a professor is strongly considering assigning for a course.
If the title requested is available in an electronic format (PDF), the examination copy will automatically be issued electronically. If not, we will send a print copy. Please note that we will only send print examination copies to countries where the University of Ottawa Press currently has distribution agreements.
If you are an instructor requesting an examination copy, please complete this form.

Book(s) Requested
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